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Character Name: Flonne
Series: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Gender: Female
Age: 1509 (though she looks thirteen at most, really)
Species: Fallen Angel
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Flonne stands at about 5’2” (a good part of which can be attributed to long legs), with long golden hair that falls past her waist. Were it not for her crimson eyes, the small black demon wings just below her shoulders, and the long spade-tipped tail, you’d never know she was anything but an ordinary young girl. She wears a white collared dress tied around her neck with a ribbon. The sleeves, separate from the dress, are fastened around her arms with matching red ribbons. The front of the dress is slit open, revealing the strapless red leotard she wears beneath it. Heart-shaped earrings, a red ribbon holding her hair back from her face (with ends that stick up impossibly straight and flop over to resemble bunny ears), and high-heeled Mary Janes (also red, of course) complete her outfit.

Personality: Flonne is, in a word, upbeat. She has a very optimistic outlook on life, the universe, and everything. No matter who she meets, it’s always with a polite, enthusiastic greeting and a bright smile. A certain amount of innocence and naivety is needed to maintain this outlook, and Flonne of course has it. Because of this, most forms of sarcasm and clever insults fly right over her head. If someone were to make a sarcastic comment about being “a little ray of sunshine,” her reply would most likely be “I love sunshine!” accompanied with a genuine smile.

Of course, this innocence and friendliness has its downsides – when an insult targeted at her manages to hit home, or when her feelings are hurt, she succumbs easily to it, sometimes even bursting into tears. All she wants is for people to be happy and love each other! Is that really so hard?

Abilities: Flonne is a skilled mage, with a good portion of her power focused in healing. As such, she can heal even the most grievous of wounds. She is also proficient in Fire, Ice, Wind, and Star (Light) magic – enough to cause a good amount of damage to her target, especially if said target is weak against the element of the spell she casts.

That was before she arrived in Manhattan, at least. Now, her magical powers limit her to less than five powerful spells a day, and it exhausts her to cast all of them.

Weaknesses: Flonne’s naivety allows her to be rather easily tricked, lied to, and taken advantage of. She tries her hardest to see and believe only the best in people, a strong belief that allows others to take advantage of her if their motives are relatively subtle and less than savory.

Also, as a mage and with her particular physique, Flonne is a bit lacking in the physical strength department, at least in comparison to other fighters. In a contest of physical strength, odds of her being the victor are slim to nonexistent. With the severe limitations on her spellcasting, her lack of physical strength makes the city that much more dangerous for her.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider

History: Flonne was once an angel trainee in Celestia, taught by Seraph Lamington. Unbeknownst to her, the Seraph was planning to improve relations between Celestia and the Netherworld: to that end, he planned on having Flonne meet the Prince of the Netherworld, Laharl. He sent Flonne down to the Netherworld with orders to assassinate the king (whom he already knew had died).

Once in the Netherworld, Flonne attempted to carry out her mission. She met Laharl, found out the king was dead, and after a small bout of confusion and a fight with Laharl, she decided to become his vassal, staying in the Netherworld to discover if demons could love, using Laharl as her case study. She eventually helps Laharl reclaim the title of Overlord of the Netherworld, but sees changes in him along the way, leading her to reaffirm her belief that demons can love.

Not long afterwards, a group of humans, led by Captain Gordon, invaded the Netherworld and was easily defeated by Laharl. Unbeknownst to all (including Gordon himself), Gordon had simply been a distraction – the real invasion fleet of two million ships was arriving, with every intention to take over the Netherworld. Laharl easily defeated the fleet, leaving only the massive flagship intact, which he, Etna, and Flonne fought their way into and took over. In the process, Flonne received a bit of a nasty shock – angels had been in the ship, helping the humans attack.

Intent on an explanation for this development, the three commandeer the ship and head to Celestia for an audience with the Seraph. It turned out an archangel, intent on domination, had been behind Celestia’s involvement in the human invasion. After punishing the archangel, the Seraph turned to Flonne. In order to make her way back into Celestia, she’d had to hurt other angels, a crime in Celestia. Flonne accepted her punishment, saying goodbye to Laharl and Etna before the Seraph turned her into a flower.

Enraged, bereaved, and mistakenly believing the Seraph had killed her, Laharl attacks Lamington, nearly killing him. He stops before dealing the final blow, realizing that Flonne wouldn’t want him to kill Lamington, and killing him wouldn’t bring her back anyway. Because of his decision to spare the Seraph, Lamington brings Flonne back, this time as a fallen angel – her true “punishment” was to remain in the Netherworld. She and Laharl are told they are the knot that will bind Celestia and the Netherworld together. While neither of them quite understands what this means, they don’t question it and return to the Netherworld.

It was business as usual from then on out, until the day Flonne woke up and found herself in Manhattan.

[This is an RP journal for daisychainrpg played by yamikonumber7. Flonne and Disgaea owned by Nippon Ichi. Cloverfield owned by J.J. Abrams. All events and entries in this journal are purely fictional and written for the purposes of roleplaying. The author makes no profit off these writings or this journal. Any resemblance to other characters or events, whether real or fictional, is purely coincidental.]